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Why choose our VPS to host your website?

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Choosing to host your website using our VPS has a lot of benefits.

Latest Ubuntu server installation with complete module.


**Premium mail server using Google Business Apps.

**Website backup using snapshot everyday.

Automatic server updates and upgrades.

Guaranteed high GTmetrix and PageSpeed ratings.

Website optimization done by us.

Server and website monitoring.

Full protection. SSL and CDN setup included.

Free installation of any module as requested.

If you choose our VPS to host your websites then you will be doing the right choice and won’t regret it. Also, avoid the hassle of setting up your VPS server by your own, searching for video and blog tutorials that end up crashing your newly created droplet and deleting it over and over again.

Additionally, save your time and the hassle, just focus on what you love most and let our team handle everything for you.

With our VPS, your datas are secured as well and has a slim percentage of data loss as we will provide backups 2 times a week (or everyday if requested for a small fee) against every week in most of the other web hosting services.

So you don’t need to worry about your files getting lost anymore. At our company, websiteforjust200, yes you said it right (haha), your datas are secured and available for retrieval everyday.

**Applies to clients with Package 2 subscription only