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Why VPS is the best option in streaming your online radio station?

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Using VPS as your streaming radio server is probably the most practical, if not the cheapest, option in the market.

320kbps, unlimited listeners and autodj space for less than $20.

Optionally, will play 24/7.

Friendly GUI AzuraCast panel.

Free remote setup of your live broadcasting software.

There are several options on how to stream your local radio show online. One of them is to install a radio server in your local computer, like SHOUTcast or IceCast. The other one, to avoid the hassle, is to just rent from a streaming provider to save time in configuring the installation of the radio servers.

Worth to mention is the disadvantages that can be pointed out in using the 2 methods could be enough reason the install the radio server via VPS instead.

Some disadvantages for installing it locally in your computer:

  • You need to have knowledge on how to use terminal (SSH) commands for Linux servers or command prompt for Windows server.
  • A possibility that it won’t become a 24/7 radio stationWhen your computer is off, your server is off.

Also, the disadvantage of renting it from a streaming provider is just all about the money.

Furthermore, having a 320 kbps audio bit rate and unlimited listeners for $50 per month seems reasonable enough. But if you compare the cost against a VPS streamed radio station, which will probably cost you less than $20 per month than renting, it is simply expensive.